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Best GAP Year Adventure Programs in Nepal

GAPNepal is a once in a lifetime experience alongside a wide variety of activities ranging from mountain trekking, rafting rapids, jungle safaris, to village cultural experiences all in a combination with community programs. Explore our other destinations including Tibet, Bhutan, Myanmar and Sri Lanka. At GAPNepal we can tailor-make your ultimate dream adventure!


Meet Our Ambassadors

Namaste! We, GAPNepal’s Ambassadors, are excited to share our travel experiences with you! Connect with us to have all of your questions about GAP Year Nepal and your tour answered.

Get Inspired

At GAPNepal, we are passionate about connecting travel with community development, providing you the opportunity to fully experience Nepali culture through your adventure.

Why Choose Us?

  • Get to Experience Life as a Local
  • Direct Participation in Community Projects
  • Small Group Sizes for a Family Feel
  • Sustainable, Local Distribution of Profit
  • Experienced and Reliable Guides

Featured GapYear Travel Experiences

Teach and Trek: Everest Base Camp
  • Duration : 4 Weeks
  • Price From : US$1885
  • Dates : 7th of February, April, October, December
Journey to the Himalayas
  • Duration : 6 Weeks
  • Price From : US$5750
  • Dates : 22nd of April, May, Sept., October, November
Sabbatical Break in Nepal
  • Duration : 2 Weeks
  • Price From : US$2190
  • Dates : 1st of Every Month
Spiritual Monk Program in Nepal
  • Duration : 3 weeks
  • Price From : US$1980
  • Dates : 5th of February, April & October
Gap Year Programs in Srilanka & Nepal
  • Duration : 6 weeks
  • Price From : US$3290
  • Dates : 10th of April, June, July, December, January
Teaching and Trekking
  • Duration : 4 weeks
  • Price From : US$1500
  • Dates : 1st and 15th of every month
Build My Own Trip

We offer the highest possible level of flexibility when booking. You can join a small group on a prepackaged itinerary, or customize your own vacation! Click here to get started, and our GAPNepal experts will design a travel experience tailored to just you.


"Words cannot describe the experience I had during my time with GAPNepal, going on adventures and helping to rebuild after the earthquake. My heart is filled with such fond memories, and I will forever cherish the way you treated me, and how friendly and caring everyone has been during my stay here."


Check out our FAQ page to have all sorts of questions answered, from travel planning, information on Nepal, and logistical concerns such as visa and money considerations. Also, feel free to contact the GAPNepal team with any additional questions or concerns!

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