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Danielle Crowe , Canada

Nepal's culture is like standing in the middle of a kaleidoscope; a riot of colours and feelings one after the other. I'm very fortunate to have been able to stay in Nepal for half a year - and the more I learned about the people, the spirituality that seems to permeate all ways of life, the legends of the mythical Himalayas, and the delicious food, the more I loved it.


David Karkanis , Canada

My trip to Nepal has been awakening to say the least. Nepal is so multi faceted, entertaining both adventure and spirituality. My short time in Nepal has given me long-lasting appreciation for different cultures and people. The staff at GAPNepal always greeted you with a smile, bowing, and saying "Namaste" - which translates to I bow to the divine in you. The staff always found a way to make you laugh and really bring out the best in you. I thoroughly recommend coming to Nepal, for a country with very little, you leave gaining abundant knowledge about yourself and an appreciation that stays with you long after your arrival home.


Andreas Luyts , Belgium

My time here in Nepal has been very special. I have learned so much in the last one month about humanity, teamwork and the human spirit. I would like to thank GAP Nepal for making my stay rewarding as well as life changing experience. This is not an end but it is the beginning.


Alva Jofred , Sweden

Being in Nepal has taught me so much - I’ve discovered such an independence and gratitude within myself through this experience. Honestly, my first few weeks in Nepal were horrible; it was my first time traveling along and I didn’t feel confident in my English skills. However, after I stepped out of my comfort zone and started being more open-minded, there is no doubt in my mind that this is the best thing that ever happened for me. I mainly worked as a teacher at a monastery in Kathmandu, but I was also blessed to be able to visit many other parts of this fantastic “Dal Bhat Country”. Thank you so much GAPNepal! I am eternally grateful for everything you have done for me.


Celesté Havenga , South Africa

Part of a family unit… that is how Nepal and her people welcome you and moreover how the GAPNepal family welcome you from the first “Hello”. Nepal is an endless fountain of knowledge, culture, adventure, spirit and new experiences. If you are open to this country and what she has to offer, if you observe and participate without comparison, you will be enriched beyond comprehension. Welcome to the family and remember to experience Nepal with all your senses.


Bryce Lambert , Australia

I came to Nepal before the devastating earthquake in April 2015. After already been on a program run by GAPNepal, I was eager and keen to help in any way I could. Using my existing knowledge of landscape construction and sustainable landscape design, I helped GAPNepal design, implement and then reconstruct schools and communities within Kathmandu and regional communities. The support and love shared by all the staff and volunteers during my time working with them has made this experience very rewarding, and has fostered a new-found passion in the humanitarian sector that I hope to continue for a long time to come. I am very proud to be an ambassador for GAPNepal in Australia, attending conferences, being a guest speaker at universities and speaking with the many donors who continue to help fund our sustainable development projects in Nepal. I am happy to consider them lifelong friends and a part of my extended family across the globe.


Kathlen Schneider , Brazil

The direct contact that we had with the local community during the 10 days we spent in the rural Nepali villages we visited was by far one of the most intense and beautiful experiences I have ever had. The Nepali people are very kind and lovely, and touched my heart very deeply. We do not speak the same language and most of the time I could not communicate in words with them. But who needs words when looks and smiles can speak by themselves? Just the way that the Nepali greet us, saying “Namaste” with their hands together at their chest or head was a very special feeling. They do look deep in your eyes and the word “Namaste” always comes followed by a beautiful and sincere smile. It seems like they are looking beyond your material body and that they are seeing and greeting your deeper and real self. I find it really hard to express this feeling with words and I wonder if it is even possible to do so.


Grace Mulligan , Australia

Nepal will suck you into her wonderful world of chaos and spit you out absolutely enchanted by her beauty, culture and hospitality. From mountains to rice fields, temples and shopping - be prepared to fall in love!


Elena Belloni , Italy

No matter how much you are prepared, you will experience things that you weren’t expecting... and I mean that in an awesome way! Embrace the culture; it will change you forever. Nepal is a wonderful country with so much to offer, so try to experience as much as you can and you won’t regret it! Don’t plan - just go with the flow and you will fall in love with Nepal.


Daisy Mullins , UK

I came to Nepal in May 2015 after the second earthquake, not knowing what to expect; I was anything but disappointed. Never before have I met such hospitable people with such pure hearts. GAPNepal work proficiently and tailor the program to your needs, whilst creating a warm family environment to work in - I cannot wait to return!


Davide Scancarello , Italy

Nepal will shock you and will conquer you - which you wouldn't usually expect from such a small country! What a stunning variety of landscapes, cultures, and religions. If you come help the people of Nepal, in return you will have their true friendship, a unique hospitality and unforgettable experiences.


Ricarda Bochat , Germany

A trip to Nepal will most likely change your life. You see the mountains, the people, the colours and you can feel that something magical is about to happen. There is no place like it in the world.


Rachel Mussel , UK

I first visited Nepal in 2015 and immediately fell in love with its stunning natural beauty, its rich cultural heritage and of course, the Nepali people. The thing I love most about Nepal is its kind, welcoming and friendly locals, who go out of their way for you to make you feel at home.


Camila Reis , Brazil

We underestimate our power of change. We don't see how giving some of our time can be part of something big. I live in Brazil, in a country where social inequality is visible and most of the time painful. Not only does the daily struggle remind me a lot of Nepal, but so does the kindness and happiness of their people. That's why I felt so fortunate to be able to help, along with an organization whose goal is not changing their people, but their reality.

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