Nepal as a GAP Year Travel Destination

Taking a Gap year is now becoming phenomenal with the youngsters in almost all the economies; developed, developing or emerging. After the declaration of White House in 2016 regarding the gap year of daughter Obama , it  again became as huge discussion topic  about taking a gap year, basically regarding  the destinations , experiences and the future impacts.

As taking a Gap Year is trending, it is not only for spending the time in vain but also creating a meaningful impact in the future.  After spending a gap year semester after High school, it should reflect in terms of their problem solving and decision making through self confidence building.  So, a decision to select a gap year destination becomes crucial when it comes into the positive results.

Mardi Himal Trekking by GAP Year in Nepal
Mardi Himal Trekking by GAP Year in Nepal

Prior selecting the destination its essential to know about the GAP Year opportunities in the destination. Thus, the decision should be taken with full attention and care. Such destinations maximize the gap year experiences aiding further in the personality development where there is perfect harmony between the aspirations of the participants and gap year volunteering opportunities.

Lonely planet nominated Nepal as the best valued travel destination for year 2017 and Nepal usually makes its place in different travel nominations as a top 10 travel destination for the adventure lovers. Being the best valued destination, Nepal is again the best valued destination for the gap year travelers too.

Nepal has turned as tourism hotspot for the adventure lovers because of the mountains, Himalayas and the culture. This makes Nepal a unique destination for the travelers and specifically the gap year travelers. These experiences have been proven to pull up the enthusiasm for the gap year travelers around the globe for taking up the new challenges of their life. To summarize the gap year experiences and opportunities in Nepal:

  • Unrivalled cultural immersion experiences due to wide variety of festivals, ethnicity, and the lifestyle.
  • Nature and green travel opportunities due to serene landscape
  • True experience of a traditional living due to the existence of villages and community life
  • Adventure travel experiences through the best trekking trails of the world.
  • Ancient Spiritual experiences with close connection with Buddhism and Hinduism
  • Wild Life and Jungle safari experiences in the preserved national parks
  • Participation in community volunteering activities such as teaching, women entrepreneurship, health and sanitation, environment and etc
  • Adventure sports such as rafting, paragliding, bungee for making prepared for real life adventure.
  • Cost effective travel in comparison with the other developing economies.

Nepal is thus one the best of the Gap Year travel destination for the gap year travelers around the globe.  Its going to be the life changing moments for all those gap year travelers who spend their valuable gap year in their life.

GAP Year in Nepal

Somersaulting in Poonhill: Lifetime memorable Trekking experience in Nepal.

It’s going to be hard work today crossing all those 3500 steps of Millennium Trek from Tikhedhunga to Ulleri. Keep going up, these steps will end for your lunch break, with the excellent view of Annapurna South. You have to search the pain again.

Still 2 hours to reach Ghorepani but be excited, tomorrow is going to be the highlights of this small Annapurna Circuit with the highest altitude of 3218 m in Poonhill.  Now you need to wait for the welcome door, which says Welcome to Ghorepani.  Be fully relaxed!  You can take a shower.

Ghorepani is now fully facilitated with the hot shower with the attached bathroom class Tea Houses. It’s simply the best destination for anyone; old or young, foreign or native; Groups or the individuals. Thus there has been a significant improvement in the hotel facilities in Ghorepani.

Now its time for the excitement as tomorrow the sunrise and it takes around 45 minutes to reach the hill top of Poonhill. A grazing ground for the indigenous Poons of that area which is now a piece of a heaven for the Himalaya fans.

By the time sun rises be ready to somersault in this top of the hill. Or just take a simple Gymnastic or simply jump. You feel that you are being lifted up, a rarest experience being close to the Himalayas. Capture those moments. It looks like you are jumping higher than 8000m.

 Not a fantasy!  You are going to feel it.