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Responsible Travel

GAPNepal recognizes the importance of becoming a more sustainable player in the travel industry, and encouraging our operations in a more responsible direction.

There is a desperate and growing need for sustainable operating practices in all industries. That said, the travel industry has unquestionably the greatest impact on the physical and cultural environments it uses in its day to day operations. In fact, it has been proven that the social, economic and cultural health of the people who reside in a particular area is directly influenced by the condition of the physical climate.

Generally speaking, responsible tourism comprises of environmental, economic, and cultural considerations. GAPNepal realizes this, and has recently put into place a sustainable tourism business policy, to ensure that both our operating practices and purchasing supply chain are being conducted as responsibly as possible, in all three of these crucial areas. By putting in place internal controls that ensure we use environmental resources wisely, respect local cultures, and protect the economic situations of the regions we visit, we are creating a travel experience that will benefit both our valued guests, as well as our generous hosts, which is of upmost importance to us.

The specific objectives of our policy are diverse, and focus both on initiatives we ourselves can take part in, as well as requirements we will be calling for from our suppliers, to ensure that our products and tours are moving toward sustainability in their entirety.

Our specific objectives include:
  • Reducing paper and energy use in our retail offices
  • Switching to environmentally friendly promotional products
  • Sponsoring local charities or NGOs, and carbon offsetting plans
  • Conducting seminars with our employees on how to become more sustainable at home
  • Ensuring our suppliers have ethical labour practices
  • Ensuring our suppliers have waste management and recycling programs in place
  • Ensuring our suppliers comply with our own standards of responsible operations

We’re excited and proud that we are able to make use of our unique opportunity to guide Nepal in a more sustainable direction, by setting the best possible examples for both travelers and other tour operators here. Come experience Nepal with us, and help in influencing responsible travel in our beautiful country!

Also, check out our handbook below, Traveler Tips For More Responsible Travel! This code of conduct contains tips for travelers who want to be more responsible while on vacation; we provide suggestions on how you can behave in more environmentally and culturally sensitive ways. Also, flip through it for advice on things you can do before you leave home, to conserve energy while you’re away.

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